SA Financial Sector transformation in the spotlight

It has been a year since President Cyril Ramaphosa signed the Employment Equity Amendment Act into law which has empowered Thulas Nxesi, the Minister of Employment and Labour to update thresholds for employment equity for each of the country’s national economic sectors.  The minister republished these five-year targets on 1 February 2024, giving 90 days […]

Hiring demand in Asset Management still high and resolute

As we come close to the end of another post-pandemic year, many of my clients are asking me whether hiring has been increasing or decreasing across the industry.  There were predictions that the widespread hiring freezes, put in place during the worst of the pandemic, could take years to thaw.  That didn’t happen.  Despite the […]

Save your firm from the ordeals of succession

Pause for a moment and scan your company, department or team – do you recognise the potential successors, the individuals poised to assume pivotal roles within the organisation? Where can they be found? Who are these successors, are they well-prepared to assume leadership responsibilities? In South African asset management firms, a wave of portfolio managers, COOs, CIOs, […]

Three leadership pressures that will only intensify for asset managers in 2023

In her last column for Citywire for 2022, Phryne Williams looks at the challenges facing company leaders. View this Article on LinkedIn Performance under pressure is a hallmark of the C-suite, but 2022 has been a relentlessly tough-all-round year. By many accounts, there seem to be some cracks appearing in the usually implacable facade of […]

What value are asset managers delivering to employees that will attract rare talent?

EVP – In her latest column for Citywire, Phryne Williams explores the importance of an employee value proposition. View this Article on LinkedIn Businesses differ on what they define as delivering value to their employees. And while some key aspects of an employee value proposition (EVP) are clearly defined, such as remuneration and benefits, other […]

How can asset managers set new hires up for success in the era of hybrid work?

In her latest column for Citywire, Phryne Williams looks at how the new way of working is changing what employees want. View this Article on LinkedIn The future of the office is currently being shaped in different ways as companies grapple with employees’ hopes and expectations for more flexible work conditions. Before Covid, the hybrid […]

Hiring for culture-fit: How can asset managers get this right?

In her latest column, Phryne Williams examines how to find the right candidates to either fit or change a corporate culture. View this Article on LinkedIn Organisational culture was once widely accepted as abstract, intangible and indefinable – akin to a person’s charisma. You can’t exactly say what this ethereal ‘thing’ is, but you can […]

Are SA Asset Managers any good at hiring for diversity, equity and inclusion?

In her latest column for Citywire, Phryne Williams asks what the industry could be doing better to develop truly inclusive cultures. View this Article on LinkedIn Across the western world, asset management companies, which are traditionally white-male dominated, are under sustained pressure to achieve measurable diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) results. This is not just […]

Four essentials for asset managers looking to attract and retain top young talent


In her latest column for Citywire, Phyrne Williams looks at what asset managers need to known to attract and retain younger talent. View article on City Wire Taken together, millennials (born 1981-1996) and generation Z (born 1997-2012), are now dominant in the global workforce. And they are shaping workplace culture, systems and leadership. If you’re […]

Asset management hiring practices are not keeping up with a changing world

In her latest column for Citywire, Phryne Williams looks at the challenges asset management firms face in hiring – and retaining – scarce, tech-focused skills. View this Article on LinkedIn In 26 years of recruiting in the investment industry, I have never seen such a high volume of hiring as today. And, unfortunately, a lot […]