Leadership, Coaching & Facilitation

We help you develop and retain high performance leaders and teams

Coaching has a proven impact on developing leaders and enhancing their success on-the-job. Likewise, it is highly effective at improving the organisation’s ability to retain priority talent and high performance teams. We offer executive coaching as well as coaching skills training for managers

Coaching for Transitioning Leaders and Improving Retention

As an added-value component of our executive search offering, we coach the candidates we have placed with you for up to three months to ensure that new leaders land smoothly. This transitional coaching process ensures that newly appointed talent has the best chance of becoming deeply engaged and fulfilled employees which leads to long term retention.

Bespoke Coaching

 Conquering uncharted territory is not for the faint-hearted. It’s a journey best taken with professional support and a thinking partner. 

Our bespoke coaching solutions offer customised support to you, your people, and your organisation. This is achieved through a structured and consistent program that will support you to be conscious and deliberate.

Examples of Coaching Interventions

  • Executive coaching
  • Leadership development coaching
  • Highly Effective Sales training and coaching
  • Performance coaching
  • Transition coaching – assisting incumbents to integrate effortlessly into their new roles
  • Strategy or business coaching
  • Career coaching
  • Team coaching

Benefits of Coaching Our Candidates

Coaching provides ongoing support with issues such as life purpose, career planning, time management, emotional intelligence, relationship, leadership and management skills, organisational cultural and diversity sensitivities.

This service helps candidates to clarify their career goals, prepares them to fit their dream positions well, enables them to make fruitful transitions and supports them on the job as they maximise their opportunities and realise their potential.

Some of the goals that can be achieved through coaching are: 

  • Career clarity 
  • Support with your career change process
  • Create meaningful success
  • Manage and thrive after burnout 
  • Empower yourself to overcome challenging work situations
  • Advance your career within your organisation

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