Market Mapping

Why Executive Search gives your business the edge

How you benefit when your recruitment agency offers market mapping, talent mapping and succession planning

Get the analyses and insights you need to drive decision-making when it comes to recruiting leaders, team members and rare talent. Market and talent mapping are strategic services that gather and analyse current data in your market and about the talent in your industry.

Capital Assignments uses both market and talent mapping in our executive placement, head hunting and staffing solutions. Scanning the competitive field enables the identification of employment equity and other diverse talent pools to help you achieve your transformation goals easily and quickly. These methodologies also enable data-driven, targeted succession planning that enhance the sustainability of your business.

Market Mapping

Talent Mapping

Succession Planning

This strategic recruitment service enables you to plan ahead to reduce your risks that key roles might stand empty. Succession planning identifies mission-critical roles in your organisation and identifies potential successors. Market and talent mapping services are used to gather data that enables you to focus on recruiting for succession planning and enhancing the sustainability of your business.

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