Specialist Recruitment

We have the networks you need to find in-demand skills and rare talent.

Specialist Recruitment is just one of the many offerings that set us apart – and we’ll always have our sights set above and beyond.

As a sector, Financial Services has many stringent requirements for specific technical skills as well as industry relevant skills that can enable you to transform your business from the top down and bottom up.  Companies need a recruitment partner like Capital Assignments with deep industry knowledge and technical skills-sets, as well as the specialist networks to reach talent that is in-demand and rare.

Capital Assignments is a recruitment agency that takes a high-level view of finding the right leader, team member or staffing solution for your business. As a trusted partner, we ensure we have a comprehensive understanding of the DNA of your organisation, your business model and strategic objectives.  We collaborate with you to define and refine what your business needs from the role you need to fill, and to articulate what your business offers the potential candidates.

Change the game through Specialist Recruitment.

Since 1995, we’ve been building and maintaining unique Financial Services industry networks that we leverage to help our clients engage with rare, specialised and transformative talent.

We have both the knowledge and experience to identify, and skilfully engage with the right talent to fill highly specialised roles

Capital Assignments has a proven track record of helping our clients achieve their diversity, inclusion and equity goals.

Take it one step further with us.

With a unique depth of Financial Services industry insights, experience and knowledge, we’ll help with the screening process to select and present strong candidates

We support both client and candidates through the sensitive process of interviewing, reviewing and appointing candidates

We’re on hand to recommend negotiation terms and help manage the successful closure of an employment

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