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Impactful leaders are hard to find, and more often than not, these leaders are not active in the job market. Executive search, or head-hunting, is an essential service offered by executive recruitment agencies such as Capital Assignments. Today, executive placements are primarily achieved through a target approach by a reputable headhunter who has a tried and tested reputation of decades of success.

A value added and unique service that we offer is to support your chosen candidate through the on-boarding process and facilitate a smooth transition into their role. We do this by means of a dynamic coaching model specifically designed for this purpose. Coaching is well-proven to enhance employee engagement and improve retention and to set new leaders up for success.

Access the very best with Executive Search Recruitment.

Our deep understanding of the technical aspects of Financial Services leadership roles helps us hone in on the right people. This saves time for our clients as they only interview and engage with candidates who are properly matched and technically qualified.

Our clients benefit from our extensive industry networks, nurtured over decades. We know how important diversity, inclusion and employment equity are when it comes to leadership positions, and we know where to find these candidates

Your big plans. Our best solutions.

Executive search is a time-bound service. If we don’t find your candidate on time, you get your money back

We provide a bespoke value-added transitional executive coaching service for three to six months post-appointment, which is a proven strategy to set new leaders up for success.

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