Board Appointments

The best of the best doesn’t just happen – but with us, it’s guaranteed. Make real growth and transformation happen today.

We know that placing board members is of the utmost importance, to ensure effective governance, oversight, growth, transformation, strategy and sustainability. Get it right with us.

For decades, we have helped our clients to find a range of board members, including non-executive directors (NEDs) and advisory board members. 

Our board placement service includes helping companies take a long-term, strategic approach through board succession planning and managing a board talent pipeline.  This builds organisational resilience and enhances business continuity to prevent risk to shareholder value, as well as buffer against disruption and unexpected changes. 

Our strength when it comes to board placements is our deep and wide network.  We walk a long road with the candidates that we have placed in the Financial Services industry over many years. We  have nurtured relationships with these candidates who have the qualifications and experience to become board members. We’re uniquely positioned to know when they are ready to take on key board positions.  We’re keenly aware of how diversity, equity and inclusion has an impact on board member decisions.  

We have developed a specific,exclusive directory of potential NEDs that can particularly help companies achieve their growth and transformation goals.   In finding the right member for your boards, we also deploy our rigorous search methodology that include smart technology and expert researchers.   


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