Here are 5 ways that your curiosity can put you ahead of the pack:

Eagerness to learn – Curiosity is expressed in an eagerness for on-going learning.  Constantly tuning into the opportunities to learn more shows how serious you are about making your career a success.  Studying formally, developing new job skills, job shadowing, attending training events, conferences and presentations are all indications of a life-long learner who cares about constantly adding value to others.

Keeping Up to Date – It is important for every professional to keep abreast of the news, views and opinions in your field, and in a general way.  This equips you to start and carry on interesting conversations when networking and connecting with people.  Seek out high quality, reputable content and keep in touch with the insights and interests of the recognised experts, the mavericks and the stars-on-the-rise.

Extending your Curiosity to People – You can gain valuable insights through learning more about key players, thought leaders and influencers in your field.  Understanding the people behind the job titles better helps you comprehend what drives them and what makes them successful. There are also lessons to be learnt from those key players outside of your field who catch your attention.  Fostering a curiosity about people can lead to a deeper, compassionate understanding of human nature that influence your relationships for the better.

Looking to the Future – By paying attention to the latest trends in your field you will continually gather new information, develop an interest in a variety of new topics and be able to participate in conversations and activities about innovation in your field.  Having a really long view of the future can lead you along many interesting paths of discovery.  New developments in technology, environmental sustainability, governance, global culture and community participation are all evolving aspects which will impact in some way or another on every field of business that will endure into a long future.

Self-curiosity – Like everything else in the world, you are constantly changing.  A desire to know yourself well, to understand your strengths and weaknesses, and comprehend your motivations and disincentives requires on-going self-examination.  By making a practice of regular self-reflection, you literally keep in touch with yourself, and are able to discover new ways to challenge yourself and to make better choices for career and your life.